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how to check airtel prepaid balance

Airtel Balance Check, detailed methods and guidelines on how to check your balance and validity. When using Airtel services, you will need to use several codes, each of which with a different purpose. If you are an Airtel user, this article is perfect for you because we will show you different ways of Airtel balance check, how to recharge Airtel, as well as how to check new plans from Airtel. No matter what telecom service you’re using, you will need to check the balance sometimes to see how much money or data you have left in your account. As can be seen, the most common codes are 121 and 123, which can be used for Airtel balance check as well as accessing other needs. And how to recharge your Airtel plans, how to find plans. Airtel vs Jio Plans Comparison: Which One Should You Choose? Below is a summary table of the most useful USSD codes for yourself, note them down so that you won’t have to spend time looking for them when you need to.

The plan is divided into standard and Night data. This plan costs ₦150 and it is valid for 7 days. You get 1.5 GB for your day to day browsing. It can be used at any time of the day and it is valid for 1 week. At 4.5 GB for 1000 Naira, non-YouTube plans don’t even come close to this data allowance. Airtel YouTube plus plans are internet bundles designed for lengthy YouTube video consumption. You get 600MB of YouTube data that can be used for 30 days. In addition, there is an extra 3 GB YouTube bonus that only works with YouTube at night from 1 am to 5 am. The plans start from 1000 Naira a month and have both standard data and YouTube data for the night and are valid for 30 days. This Airtel data plan comes with 600MB of YouTube data that only works at night. Airtel 300 Naira YouTube bundle which comes with 300MB of data. The allocated data can only be used at night.

Simply go to playstore to download this app. Airtel data balance code varies from one type of airtel to another. In the past years airtel had not provide any specific code to know the airtel night plan data. So i will be writing about all the list of airtel data plan and how to check airtel data balance of each data bundle. You always want use the appropriate codes to get the actual balance you want to see. How to Check Airtel Data Balance. Use your Airtel number to register and login. Lets see how to know your airtel data main balance before proceeding to other airtel data plans. After downloading the app , you will need to login and navigate through the menu to see your data balance. This reason have made it hard for people in airtel smart trybe to know how much data they consume. 11 in the next screen dial 0 and send. The USSD code that might work for me might not work for you on the same airtel network.

Click on your Airtel DSL number that shows the unpaid amount or your unpaid data. If you haven’t registered yet, click the Register option at the top of the page. I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts. The Airtel app is available from the Google Play Store on Android phones and the iPhone App Store. Click on the person’s logo in the top left corner. 2 thoughts on “How To Check Airtel Data Balance? How To Check Airtel data Balance -The Airtel user can check data and balance using 3 basic ways. This is located just below your home page when you open your account. Now You will see a screen asking to enter for your mobile number or service ID, as well as your password. On the Home screen, you will see your data balance with days left and validity days & balance left plus several Airtel online recharge offers. On the Airtel website. Click View Unpaid Amount. You will be asked to enter your personal details and create a new password. Log in to your account. How To Check Airtel Data Balance? ’ link and follow the onscreen instructions. How To Check Airtel Data Balance? Sign up and enter your mobile number. Use the following steps to download the Airtel app. If you have lost your Airtel password, click on ‘Forgot your password? Click the Account Information tab. Today, in this article we have listed the USSD codes and SMS codes for Airtel network, that might help you, when you want to check your Balance, start/stop service and much more. Airtel To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services. Download the Airtel app.

This code also doubles as the Airtel account info number. How to check Airtel data balance? Alternatively, you can check the same from the MyAirtel app after logging into your account. Today, we have listed the USSD codes for Airtel users. Well, USSD aka Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a specific code of number referred to as Quick codes. How to check recharge status? You will get your Airtel data balance on the screen. Get your FAQs related to Airtel USSD codes answered from here. How to check best Airtel offers? If you use Airtel user, then you can use any of these codes to get a better service. All you need to do is download the app on your Android phone or iPhone and register your account with your mobile number. These codes are up to 182 alphanumeric characters long. How to check validity of your Airtel number? Well, you can access any network-related service via a slew of USSD codes. Are you an Airtel user? What Is USSD Code? These codes act as a platform connecting the mobile device and a computer software managed by the service provider for sending and receiving SMSes. These days, prepaid users enjoy daily data benefits and they can check the data balance left for the day, the remaining validity and other details with specific USSD codes. Airtel mobile number. Then press 5 on the menu and press 1 to confirm.

If the offer appears before the menu appears, tap OK to continue. There is usually a green icon similar to an old phone. If you do not have an account, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number and fill out a form to create an account. Dial the USSD code using the dial pad and press the green button to send the call. ” just in case you want to skip the menu. Guys, I hope you got the information you are looking for. Tap the icon to open the phone app. 5 is a menu option to check the balance. A selection menu appears. Please check your balance. This displays the balance of the data. Or you can enter “2” to check the daily data. This gives you more options to check your balance. Use the same code to check 2G, 3G, and 4G balances. Follow the simple steps above to check your Airtel Broadband data usage/speed and to see how much data remains in the Airtel broadband data pack. Sign in to your Airtel account using your mobile phone number and password. Enter 1 and tap Send. Open the phone app on your mobile device. The Airtel Thanks app dashboard displays the data balance, the daily limit, and the number of days remaining in the current cycle.

And when we need to send SMS to someone using a mobile, we need an SMS balance of SMS pack. How to airtel daily data balance check? As we know, when we want to call someone via mobile, we need the main balance or calling pack. Is Airtel 2G, 3G and 4G USSD code for check internet balance the same? How to airtel 4g data balance check? What is internet balance or data balance? What is internet balance or data balance? After purchasing the internet balance we need to check the available internet balance for our sim. In this article, we share lots of methods for checking internet balance for only airtel sim. What is the Airtel balance check number? How to check airtel internet balance or data balance? 1) How to check airtel internet balance using USSD code? In this article, we use lots of screenshots that help you to more understanding about check internet balance. As the same when we want to access the internet using mobile or computer we also need the internet balance or data balance. The internet balance is used to access some information from the internet.

If you are an android user then you can download and install Airtel App on your phone. If you don’t like to face this inconvenience then you should check Airtel Internet balance before expire. We Shared About Airtel 3G, 4G Internet Data Balance Check USSD Codes 2020 & more. Step 1: Download My Airtel App from Google Playstore. How to Check Airtel Internet Data Balance & Validity? Step 3: Now Airtel App Dashboard will show, tap your finger on the account balance and select data balance option to check your airtel internet balance. Step 2: Now Signup account by entered your mobile number and OTP password. Using this app you can track your internet balance & data usage details. Please do share this post with your social media friends. This above part we shared all process to check airtel internet balance. Step 2: After login you can see balance and usage on airtel self-care dashboard. Now you can check your Airtel Balance from Online with Self Care Service.

It’s the best option if you mainly make calls and rarely use other features. Plus, it comes with free calls to mum and dad! Airtel has comfy daily and weekly plans, plus a variety of social data plans for cheap social media browsing. In a minute you’ll learn the code to check Airtel data balance, but first let’s see what Airtel has in store for internet users! 6. smartVALUE is a data plan that offers a flat rate of 15k/sec to any Nigerian network. These plans range from 1GB to 9.5GB and include special offers for night-time use. You can migrate to any plan for free once in a month. 5. smartTRYBE Junior is more than just a data plan – it’s a whole educational solution designed specifically for Nigerian children. If you want to make more than one migration in one month, be prepared to pay the fee of ₦100. However, what most users are interested in are monthly data plans for Android.

For every downloaded app, you will get free data worth 300 MB. Enter OTP received on your Smartphone. Enjoy 10 GB/ month for the next 6 months. Enter your mobile number to validate. With this free internet tricks in airtel in which you will receive 1.2 GB internet data-free. With VoLTE Beta Program – Get Free 30GB Data. Click here to open the offer page. To suggest the VoLTE Beta program is LIVE in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Kerala, Punjab & Andhra Pradesh. If you have already installed any of the above apps, still you are suitable for this offer. If not initiated, you can send a message SURPRISE to 121 for availing the same offer. In short, after downloading all 4 apps, you will earn a total of 1.2 GB. Then you will see the banner requiring free 60GB 4G data. Now enter your mobile number. 1.2 GB data can only be used between 12 AM to 6 AM. If it asks, download the ‘tv’ app too. Give the feedback for your VoLTE experience to get 30GB free data benefits. Install My App, Wynk movie, music & games one after the other.

I have always been a huge fan of Airtel, which is only matched by MTN Nigeria, the reason being for the arrays of good services they have on their list. Almost everyone at one point passed through this phase. This is one of the common questions often asked by new airtel customers. The ability to check our Airtel balance always prepares us to plan ahead which includes recharging our line and renewing our data before fully getting exhausted. The airtel night plan on airtel is also cool, one that excites me even till today. We will keep on using our balance only to be hit at any unpleasant time. Have you ever wondered what will happen if there is no way to check your Airtime or data usage? Airtel Nigeria is the second biggest gsm network in Nigeria, with its reach in all over the 36 states in Nigeria including the federal capital. They have one of the best and affordable tariff plans and very cheap airtel data plans for those who want to browse, download, stream and do what they love to do on the internet. How do I check my Airtel balance?

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