josAgro is an agro ecommerce private company, running point to point logistics and delivery of agricultural products purchased on our platform. We’ve always identified the need for a one stop shop for household shoppers to server their basic purchasing needs which has been more of a daunting task shopping groceries and other Agro products for consumers of such products.

Careful studies carried out independently that relates to the rate of wastages from unconsumed farm produce and lack of viable market to sell or buy some certain commodities which both factors are the determining cause to the low recorded production of Agro products especially in Nigeria in a population that has been on the rise since the last conducted population census. Other studies also identified the transportation of Agro products from farming site to markets has been completely high jacked by the middlemen to be on the high which the fluctuation of the dollar forex (FX) and price of PMS as integral factors to such high price of transportation which in turn affects the cost of commodities in the market.

With our background in ICT, there is no better way to explore and take the advantages of the rise and concentration of agricultural production both at home and at international level than to develop and deploy a system that can harness the potential of this agricultural production.

Products purchased on our platform are of top notch quality and unbeatable prices sold by verified vendors who are mostly farmers. josAgro business model and innovation is all centered on integration of ICT and Agro economy in service delivery, by providing a one stop shop for our customers. The platform provides a huge market where thousands of sellers of similar products can be found just as it can be found in the physical market that covers a large area to house these sellers and who are mostly middlemen, who purchase from farmers and unreasonable charges added to products.


As an E-commerce Platform, we Help Producers of Agro Products meet their Consumers, we also help the consumer make informed choices.

A virtual market place that makes buying and selling of farm products more convenient by taking over the logistics aspect of storage and transportation for a more focused food production by farmers in a driven food sustainability economy in Africa.


To provide an avenue where food wastages and shortages are carefully considered by providing the just the right market to transact all sort of farm produce.
To encourage food production in commercial quantity for domestic consumption and exportation.
To develop and link farmers to storage facilities.
A collaborative effort with research facilities to discover innovative preservative measures that could be employed to farm produce (for an enhance production and perishable produce durability).
Company Philosophy

We at josAgro work tirelessly to ensure the application and deployment of ICT in enhancing food production through our eCommerce channel so as to be the leading Agro company in the area of Food Sustainability in the continent of Africa.